New in Version 4.2
New: IntelliTransparence feature:
This feature checks for the best transparency color, even if the transparent color was removed due to color reduction.
Transparency will now be recognized when loading an image.
New display option "Fit to window":
This feature adjusts the zoom level so that all variations fit into the application window.
(Only Professional) Log file support:
All batch operations are saved into log files so you can always check what happened through all of your batch processings.
Support for 13 new file formats added!
There are also some file formats that are mainly used under Unix for better portability. These are the new file formats:
Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Windows Clipboard (CLP), Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), XpicMap (XPM), Interchange File Format (IFF), Portable Bitmap Utilities (PBM), Dr. Halo (CUT), X-Window Dump (XWD), Hewlett Packard HPGL (PLT), Intergraph Microstation (DGN), XBitMap (XBM), Intergraph RLE (ITG).
More detailed Online help.
WebGraphics Optimizer now recognizes the last directory used for opening or saving files.
When saving a new variation WebGraphics Optimizer derives the new filename out of the filename of the original file.
German version now available! See here for more details.
New in Version 4.0
New powerful Capture functionality:
Now you can capture any part of the screen in many convenient ways. You can even search Executables for any icons, images and other resources. All captured images will immediately be optimized and use very little space.
Add 3D text to your images:
With the new 3D text capability you can label your images with many different text styles, colors and 3D effects.
All available image manipulating functions now have a preview button for quick and easy "what if"-previews of any image manipulating function.
Better compression: The GIF image compression algorithm now can create 5-10% smaller GIF files comparing to WebOpt 3.0, depending on your source image.
(Professional only): The batch functionality is drastically improved: Now you can batch optimize subdirectories, delete old original images if wanted, and save into the original image directories.
(Professional only): The batch functionality now has a better performance and can handle much more files due to a bugfixed memory leak.
Plus many little enhancements and bug fixes.
Other Features:
WebGraphics Optimization: Up to 5 variations can be viewed and compared while you change the compression ratio, color depth, dithering, color palette and file format of an image in realtime. That way you can find the best possible quality with high compression. Choose between manual apply and auto-apply.
Easy comparision of 5 variations: All image variations are displayed along with the file size and memory size of an image and the number of unique colors used by an image or GIF animation.
Powerful Intellioptimize Feature: You get even better and quicker compression results for your Internet needs. You don't need to know anything about Internet file formats, WebGraphics Optimizer chooses the best file format automatically.
(Professional Only) Batch Optimization for large file lists: Get all your internet files immediately compressed. You can preview the disk space you will save with new compression statistics before you actually save the images.
Do you have thousands of images which you are manually compressing? Then WebGraphics Optimizer Professional is the right tool for you. With a few mouse clicks you can compress all of your images. Watch your images shrink down while the batch compression runs.
Color Palette Management System:
Support of user defined color palettes:
You can change the color palette of your graphic files
on the fly! You can create and save your own color palettes!
(Professional only): Batch processing for creating thumbnails:
Support for creating thumbnail images. Drag and drop
supported for easier creation of batch file lists.
Thumbnail preview in file open dialog
Much Information about the variations: For all displayed variations you can see the file size, file format, bits per pixel and compression ratio in percent. That way you get a better overview over your image variations.
Read support of the following 24 graphics file formats:
GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, CAL, Cursor (CUR); Icon (ICO), IBM IOCA (ICA), EPS, Microsoft Fax (AWD), Kodak Flashpix (FPX), Kodak Photo CD (PCD), GEM Image (GEM), MacPaint (MAC), Microsoft Paint (MSP), Macintosh Picture (PCT), PCX, Photoshop 3.0 (PSD), Sun Raster (RAS), TGA, TIFF, Winfax, WMF, Word Perfect Raster (WPG)
Write support of the following 16 graphics file formats:
GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPS, GEM Image (GEM), MacPaint (MAC), Microsoft Paint (MSP), Macintosh Picture (PCT), PCX, Photoshop 3.0 (PSD), Sun Raster (RAS), TGA, TIFF, WMF, Word Perfect Raster (WPG)
Support of the following internet graphics file formats:
JPEG, progressive JPEG, grayscale JPEG, GIF in all color depths, including animated, transparent and interlaced GIF, Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Unlimited zooming in and out.
Powerful region processing: All image manipulations can be limited to any combination of rectangle, ellipse, rounded rectangle and freehand selection of an image.
High quality resizing with resampling (anti-aliasing); picture crop; selected region crop.
Functions for color manipulation: brightness, gamma correction, contrast, histogram contrast, stretch intensity, invert, hue, saturation, histogram equalize, fill color.
Filter functions: halftone, blur, sharpen, posterize, mosaic, emboss, soften, oil painting, reduce noise, add noise, intensity detect, edge detect, line detect.
Exact rotation, parallelogram (shear) with fine tuning, mirror, flip image.
Color resolution: 1 to 32 bits/pixel color depth, depending on the file format, dithering methods: no, ordered, floyd stein, burkes, stucki, sierra, stevenson arce, jarvis; color limitation for decreased file size, color palettes: fixed, optimized, windows, netscape.
Screen capture
Easy to handle image duplication
Twain support: Single and multipage scanning supported.
Copy from and paste to clipboard supported
Undo function
MDI user interface for working with multiple images
Easy user-friendly interface