Choosing Graphics Formats

Changing Color Resolutions

Image Manipulation


WebGraphics Optimizer is a perfect tool for optimizing and compressing images for online and internet use, mainly World Wide Web pages. Most images can be greatly reduced in size, and it’s amazing to see how much you can improve the speed of your Web site and reduce the necessary webspace.

Choose Between 38 Different Graphics Formats:

You have instant access to many different graphics formats to convert your images to. Every graphics format has format-specific settings. Any changes will immediately be displayed on screen. There is always image information visible with the actual size, bits per pixel, graphics format, percentage of compression achieved and estimated download time.


Change Color Resolution:

Change the Color Resolution and see the resulting images in realtime! For images with 256 or less colors use any of the 8 dithering methods and try one of the available palettes, including Windows system colors and the Netscape and Internet Explorer web safe palette. Look at the change in file size every time you change an option!

View each image of an animated GIF, or play them continuous to see the results of the changes you've made!

You can change the color palette to your individual needs, save and load the settings to use them in other images.


A Large Selection Of Image Manipulation Functions:

You want to resize the image with anti-aliasing to improve quality? To change brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma etc.? Add more flavor to your images by using filters like emboss, sharpen, blur, oil painting and more? No problem! You don't need another photo manipulation application, it's all included!

Every change you apply to the original image will also be done for all variations. Of course you can undo the changes you've made. All image manipulations can be done for the entire image or alternatively for a selected region.


And there's much more... like the IntelliOptimize feature and a powerful batch functionality for the Professional edition.

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