Frequently asked questions:

Q: When I try to start WebOpt just after the installation I get an error that oleaut32.dll is out of date.

A: You have to reboot your computer after the installation of WebGraphics Optimizer. After rebooting everything should work just fine.

Q: It seems that I cannot save any images. Is this a limitation of the shareware version?

A: No. The shareware version is not limited, you can actually save images. Make sure you have selected a variation. Just right click on any variation and save it.

Q: I have downloaded a new release of WebGraphics Optimizer. What do I have to do to install this version over my old copy?

A: Just uninstall your old version of WebGraphics Optimizer and then install the new version. You can also choose another installation directory for the new version.

Q: What's the difference between WebGraphics Optimizer and WebGraphics Optimizer Professional?

A: Both have the same great features like IntelliOptimize etc. but WebGraphics Optimizer Professional adds batch functionality for easy optimizing and compressing of multiple images.

Q: If have a problem with WebGraphics Optimizer that is not mentioned here. What can I do?

A: Just give us your feedback with our Feedback Form and we'll see what we can do for you!